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Message from the Technical Director


It is a great honor to be the Technical Director for the sport of cycling.

In this role, I am responsible for ensuring that international deaf cycling competitions adhere to rules and regulations established by the International Cycling Union (UCI). I will do this by working with organizing committees of these events. I am also responsible for making sure that International Committee of Sports for the Deaf (ICSD/CISS) rules remain in compliance with UCI regulations.

As the technical director for deaf cycling sports, I would like to see deaf cyclists, coaches and fans get full access to information and communication during all cycling events. This will ensure an equitable racing experience for deaf cyclists. I also want to see more women in races, and we can do that by encouraging more young riders of both genders to participate in cycling competition.

I hope to make the sport of cycling more accessible and enjoyable for all those involved, while maintaining a high level of competition. If you have ideas or thoughts on how this may be done, please share them with me.

I look forward to working with all of you to continue to expand cycling opportunities for deaf people.

Ralph Fernandez
ICSD Technical Director

May 12, 2010