A quest to host the 13th World Deaf Cycling Championships (WDCC)

Montreal City
Bobby Skedsmo, ICSD Technical Director, visited Montreal, Canada for a venue inspection on October 29, 2008.   Viewed from the 1976 Olympic Stadium.

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One morning, we had a technical meeting at the Montreal's 1976 Olympic Stadium with organizations supporting the 2011 WDCC.

Left to right:
Jean-Marc Major, Board's member of ASSQ and silver medalist at 1973 Malmo Games
Bobby Skedsmo, ICSD Technical Director for Cycling
Francis Roussel, Marketing Coordinator of CDSA (staff)
Alain Turpin, Executive Director of ASSQ (staff) and Interim Chairperson of 2011 WDCC
Louis Barbeau, Executive Director of FQSC (staff)
Simon Gagnon-Brassard (Deaf), Quebec Champion Cyclism 2008 (with hearing)
Sylvain Richard, Technical Director of FQSC (staff)

ASSQ (Quebec Deaf Sports Association)
CDSA (Canadian Deaf Sports Association)
FQSC (Quebec Federation Sport Cyclism)

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Notre-Dame de Fatima - Accommodation includes a cafeteria, 120 beds and lounge.

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17 miles (25 minutes) from the International Montreal airport

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Cafeteria serves meals meeting cyclists' diets.

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This is one of several cottages.

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Cozy lounge

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Four beds per room

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Recreation - 100% natural and deaf friendly environment

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1000-meter Sprint site at Jean-Drapeau Park on the same island where the Expo 67, commonly known as the World's Fair was held. Also the Canadian Grand Prix took place there.

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View of Montreal skyscraper from this park

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Individual Time Trial site by the canal near Les Cedres

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From Notre-Dame de Fatima to Les Cedres - 14.8 miles (26 minutes)

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100-kilometer Road Race will start and finish at Les Cedres.

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100-kilometer Road Race site - All roads around are considered flat but the strong wind can be a technicial challenge for the riders.

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50-kiolmeter Points Race at La Chine near International Montreal airport

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Everything is already set up for points race - distance marks, bleachers and overheading timers.

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Down the stretch for 50-kilometer Points Race with a slight bank grade at the corners

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At the Notre-Dame de Fatima, the reception and banquet will possibly take place in this room with a fireplace.

Pictures for mountain bike events are not available.

Prepared by Bobby Skedsmo
ICSD Technical Director for Cycling

November 1, 2008