21st Deaflympic Games at Taipei, Taiwan

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Bobby Skedsmo, ICSD Technical Director, visited Taipei, Taiwan for a venue inspection on October 5-10, 2008.   This is a mascot of 2009 Taipei Games.

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One afternoon, Bobby visited a venue of both road race and individual time trail at the north coast.

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Bobby and his technical fellows reviewed the map of where the cycling events will take place.

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This is where the start/finish line will take place for both road race and individual time trial at the Chin Shan Youth Activity Center.

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At the side of start/finish line is where the nation stations will take place.

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From the view of the start/finish line, you will see the mountain range as the background which is where the road race will reach at the end of the course.  That will be an one-lap race and the elevation is 325 meters.

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Bobby discussed with the people of organising committee at the venue.
  1st from the right is Kai Chin Lee (representative from UCI);
  3rd is Bobby Skedsmo (ICSD Technical Director for Cycling);
  and 4th is Mei Hsiang Wang (Cycling Venue Coordinator).

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This is where the road race will take place at the end of the course.  The race will coast down the slope and make a left turn.

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The blue arrow shows where the site is as you look at the picture above.

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The North Highway is where the road race and individual time trial will take place.

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The sprint and points race will take place at the Taipei City Hall.

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The 1000-meter Sprint equals 1 2/3 laps

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The 50-kilometer Points Race - 50 laps
On the 1000m circuit, intermediate sprints will run every 2 laps.


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The beautiful scene at night!

For more information on elevation and map of the courses, please click on this link:

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Bobby Skedsmo
ICSD Technical Director for Cycling

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